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Top 6 Pain Points For a Catering Company During a Large Event

Catering companies face a lot of challenges during events with large audiences, yet success is largely based on how those challenges are handled. We’ve taken the time to identify and discuss the top 6 pain points below to help you plan accordingly and avoid unforeseen setbacks.

Top 6 pain points for a catering company during an event with a large audience

1. Transport disruptions

Catering for large audiences can be a logistical nightmare, even when everything goes well. However, when transport disruptions happen, an entire event can be ruined. A lot can go wrong when transportation is delayed. Considering the setup time is highly dependent on punctuality, catering companies must plan for transport disruptions well in advance.

For instance, transportation of equipment and dishes should be done a few days prior to the event. Food preparation can also be done at the event to avoid accidents during transport that can ruin an entire event.

2. Communication with other event companies onsite

Catering companies are among the many companies you expect to find in an event with a large audience. As a result, the success of a catering company will be dependent on collaboration with other companies on site.

For instance, décor companies must provide suitable set up space for a catering company. The host must also inform attendees of serving points, menu, etc. Any miscommunication between different service providers, which is common, can compromise the entire experience.

3. Never-ending queues

It’s understandable why food and beverage queues tend to be long in an event with a large audience. Although this can translate to increased revenue, never-ending queues make people impatient. In fact, long queues may very well result in lower revenues than expected. Luckily, there are solutions for catering companies looking for faster beverage dispensation.

Solutions like RevolMatic can help catering companies reduce serving queue time when serving soft drinks and beers. What’s more RevolMatic reduces the amount of workforce needed when serving beverages by automating the entire drink serving cycle. RevolMatic is a fully automatic beer dispenser with smart touch and app-controlled features.

The automatic dispenser solves the major problems faced by catering companies in a large event i.e., reducing workload, boosting beverage sales, and making event attendees happy because of reduced serving queue time.

4. Food wastage

It’s challenging for caterers to know the exact amount of food that will be consumed beforehand when catering for a large crowd. Food consumption patterns vary depending on many factors ranging from gender distribution to actual turn-up.

What’s more, attempts at exerting control on food portions can lead to serious problems like food shortages. This can damage the reputation of the catering company and the event as a whole. On the other hand, over delivery isn’t good for business. Catering companies have a headache when trying to figure out how to offer unmatched catering efficiency while reducing wastage.

This problem can be handled in a number of ways. First and foremost, catering companies should invest in technology (software) that helps in calculating food quantities accurately based on factors like the menu, expected attendance, etc. It’s also advisable to have more small plate options. Lastly, good food storage can go a long way in ensuring leftovers don’t go to waste.

5. Meeting contractual obligations

Catering during a large event isn’t just about serving food. Catering companies must negotiate on pricing, capabilities, turnaround times, etc. To do this effectively, there must be a thorough understanding of all the details in the contract while paying close attention to hidden clauses that have a significant effect on the bottom-line.

However, there are many variables, and unexpected events that are bound to happen during an event with a large audience, and contracts tend to be too complicated to be interpreted correctly by someone without legal knowledge. While it may appear like an unnecessary cost to hire a lawyer, it’s advisable to do so to ensure you sign a contract that doesn’t put you at a disadvantage when the inevitable happens.

6. Financial reconciliation

Keeping track of food and beverage consumption during an event with hundreds/thousands of attendees can be a daunting task. However, it’s a vital task that must be performed with accuracy, especially if tracking consumption determines final pay. To do this effectively, catering companies should automate the entire process. Cashless payment systems are better for transparency and accuracy.

Having the right equipment and software will boost catering efficiency during a sports event, festival, or any other large event. Most of the problems faced by catering companies during events with a large audience can be solved through automation.

RevolMatic can reduce serving queue times, and software can help with logistics and reconciliation. A good contract will also go along way and protect your interests in case of eventualities.