Automatic Beer Dispenser



The automatic beer dispenser RevolMatic is the perfect solution where quick and smooth tapping is needed

It is used both in recreational facilities (aquaparks, zoo, amusement parks) and for larger events like festivals, concerts, and football games



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Automatic Beer Dispenser

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Fully automatic tap machine

High Quality

Consistent high brew quality

Smart Touch

Touchscreen to set speed and volume


Small, mobile, user friendly


Automatic cup dispenser


Controllable with an app via smartphone or tablet

Challenges for Your Company

In our experience, the organizers and caterers of larger events today face two major challenges:


Big Attendency

High occupancy during a football match, concert or other big event: long queues in front of the beer stand, impatient and dissatisfied customers


Lack of Staff

Finding staff for the event: a challenge. To find well-trained and experienced staff for the event: a dream!

We’ve Been Building

RevolMatic For You!

Are you a caterer? Do you represent a large brewery? Maybe you are organizing festivals, concerts or other big events? Then you may have the same problems as our customers: long lines in front of the kiosks and difficulties in finding the right staff.

What our customers say about us

“We have been using the RevolMatic automatic beer dispensing system in the Mercedes-Benz Arena since the beginning of the season and we are very satisfied with the performance of this small but powerful device. With RevolMatic we not only sell a lot more beer, but also our guests get their beer faster. In addition, our staff in the kiosks is also happy: the device is simple and intuitive to use.”

Catering Management

ARAMARK Stuttgart

“Since the beginning of 2019 we have been working with RevolMatic devices at mass events in the multi-purpose hall ‘Spodek’ in Katowice. The devices enable faster service and shorter waiting times, which significantly increases overall sales. At events with high beer consumption, the performance of the RevolMatic devices is twice as high as at stands with the conventional method. A comparison: with manual tapping we made 4-5 kegs of beer per stand, with RevolMatic 8-10. A big difference! IMPORTANT: The monthly leasing costs for the device correspond to a few dozen beers sold!”

Marek Furczyk

CEO, Planeta Smaku

“We used the RevolMatic dispenser during the catering service for the Speedway stadiums in Wrocław and Leszno in the season 2018. The device works most effectively in automatic mode, which can double the efficiency of beer stalls. Advantages such as full automation, operating speed, simple and intuitive operation and mobility make this device one of the first automatic dispensing systems available on the market and known to us. In addition, online access to machine data (performance and temperature) enables a quick check of sales, the storage of statistics and the optimization of catering logistics. We would like to work with RevolMatic in the coming seasons.”

Mariusz Konopa

CEO, Darko Catering

We. Are. Present.

Benefit for you with our Tap Machine


The Benefits

  • Faster and smoother dispensing and payment process

  • Faster process → more sales → higher revenue

  • Satisfied and returning customers

  • Greatly reduced dispensing loss

  • Easy operation even for inexperienced staff

  • All data you see on the phone or tablet

  • No problem with logistics – the system is small and mobile

How does our dispenser work?

Our machine is a fully automatic draught beer dispensing system, created by experienced engineers.

The beer machine is based on a simple, yet brilliant principle:  the rotating table positions the beer cups directly under a tube that fills the cup with fresh beer.

The table rotates automatically filling the next cup and so on.  The machine is equipped with an automatic beer cup dispenser, which makes the entire process run smoothly.

Just put 50 PLA (or other) plastic cups into the opening on the top of the machine and our beer dispenser will complete the entire process autonomously.

You can change between the AUTOMATIC function:  the cups will be filled automatically without interruption; and MANUAL:  for example, if you want to fill 3 cups, enter 3 on touchscreen, place 3 cups into the holders and the job will be completed.

The machine also works with glass cups:  in this case you need to place the glass cups manually on the cup holders and use the MANUAL mode. 

Our automatic beer dispenser system is small, easy to clean, and low-maintenance.

Just connect the unit to the keg and the process can begin!

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