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Do the connections comply with the European standard?

Yes, the connections are completely European standard. Just plug in the beer barrel RevolMatic and the tap can start. We use John Guest connections. Further information can be found here: website of John Guest

Is it possible to use the device with glass cups?
Yes, the device can be used with glass cups. In the user interface, select MANUAL mode and gradually place the glass cups on the cup holders.
How can I regulate the foaming?

The amount of foam can be adjusted in three ways:

  1. You can regulate the foaming by the speed and the height of the dispensing rod. The faster the dispensing speed, the more foam is formed.
  2. In addition, the higher the dispensing rod is set, the more foam is in the cup.
  3. Using the dedicated foam control function, which can be activated by the user in the device settings. There are three levels of foam (1,2,3) depending on the current conditions (temperature and beer type). The system is deactivated by pressing 0.
Can I control the devices via my mobile phone?

Yes, all devices are connected to the internet. This means that you have all the details (tapped quantity, beer temperature etc.) in view on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Example: Tablet photo

Does the device have a cooling system?
The tap machine RevolMatic does not have an internal cooling system, but it has an internal cooling hose. Our dispenser works with both dry and wet coolers without any problems.
Can I also use the dispenser for other drinks, such as wine spritzers or soft drinks?
The dispenser works with any beverage containing carbon dioxide as long as the pressure is at least 1 bar.

Service, Price, Shipping

How long is the warranty for the product?
In the case of the purchase, we offer 1 year full warranty.
Where can I watch the device?

We are pleased to present our dispenser at your location: in the stadium, in the sports hall or at the festival. We’ll bring RevolMatic units, make a short demonstration with all the features and later we’ll show you how the device works in action.

Everything completely free and without obligation. Here a small foretaste: RevolMatic in Stuttgart and RevolMatic at the Pol’and’Rock festival.

Is there a leasing or renting option?
Yes, there is the possibility to lease or rent the equipment. The lease or rental period is about 2.5-3 years.
What happens if the dispensers are not delivered on time?

If you do not receive the dispensers until 17:00 on the day of delivery, call us: +48 692 078 775 or send us an e-mail: We take care of your order immediately.

Do you have questions?

Frequently we receive the following questions from our customers. If you still can not find an answer to your question, simply write us!

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