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RevolMatic Team

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5 Ways Catering Companies Can be More Efficient During Large Events

In the catering business, numbers can be a blessing in disguise. Serving more people doesn’t necessarily equate to making more profit. Festivals, among other events with large audiences, are packed with eventualities. A lot can go wrong in a sports event, concert, or festival with thousands of attendees. In fact, the chances of mishaps are higher than those of having a flawless event. If you’re wondering how you can make your event more efficient, here’s what you need to know.

How can catering companies improve catering efficiency during a festival with a large audience

1. Think and plan flexibly

Catering companies can’t afford to be rigid when catering for large audiences. For instance, you can’t stay fixated on the number of expected attendees. In most cases, caterers feed more people than expected. As a result, you can’t afford to cook for an exact number of people. If you do, you’ll need to be flexible as you serve.

For instance, events with longer than expected food queues shouldn’t have self-service buffets for obvious reasons. Catering companies should also plan for leftovers. It’s also advisable to think of food storage or where you’ll take the leftovers beforehand.

2. Invest in equipment that reduce serving queue


One of the biggest headaches in large events is long beverage queues. While food queues may also be long, attendees rarely make multiple food servings. The same can’t be said about beer and soft drinks. Refreshments are inevitable in any event, yet queues can be frustrating when attendees are forced to miss important performances because of long queues.

That’s where investments like RevolMatic come in handy. RevolMatic is a fully automatic beer dispenser, the perfect solution for catering companies in large events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc. The dispenser allows you to serve beer faster without the need for additional staff. This boosts profits and ensures attendees in big events don’t waste their precious time on long beverage queues. With RevolMatic, caterers of large events don’t have to worry about lack of staff or long queues.

3. Practice catering budget best practices

Resources are a crucial part of the success of every event. At the top of the list of every catering company is the food and drink budget. However, resources tend to be restrictive in most cases. When working with a tight budget, it’s advisable to offer a basic meal with elegant pairings or extraordinary dessert options. Attendees of large events always remember the best/most impressive dish, even if the other offerings were standard.

As a result, don’t waste time overthinking your menu or overstretching your budget. You can also serve bitings over a large meal or serve between typical meal times to make sure the small meals suffice.

4. Don’t forget the technical details and permits

Overlooking technical details can grind events to a halt. For instance, having the right type of connectors on site can be the difference between having cold and hot food in an event. If a food truck is powered by 50 amps or a unique connector, this should be known and planned for in advance.
The same applies to permits.

Different jurisdictions have different rules. Catering companies must adhere to the rules of the health and safety departments of the jurisdictions they intend to work in. Ignoring technical details and rules can disrupt events and/result in huge fines.

5. Focus on the experience, not ROI

When catering companies focus on maximizing profits, they lose sight of everything else, compromising the overall experience for attendees. When the focus is on cutting costs, problems such as long queues can’t be solved because they require more resources (manpower and equipment). .

The quality of food is also compromised. Focusing on experience is a better approach. In fact, this approach ensures catering companies promise what they can deliver comfortably. Catering efficiency can only be realized when working within capacity.

Catering is a tricky business packed with logistics and unexpected occurrences. When large audiences are concerned, the problems are compounded. However, common problems can still be avoided by proper planning, investing in equipment like RevolMatic that eliminates long beverage queues, and practicing catering budget best practices. It’s also important to avoid the temptation of maximizing profits.