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July 2020

We are not slowing down


Revolmatic available in EU countries.

July is the next month which our company implemented it’s foreign expansion plan. A Croatian company, from the catering industry provides services in Ljetna Pozornica Tuskanac, decided to cooperate with us. Summer Stage Tuskanac – this is an open-air cinema, which in the summer season, in the evenings, hosts up to 1000 viewers – quite good result as a film screening (let us remind that a standard cinema room can accommodate about 5 times less viewers).

Ljetna Pozornica Tuskanac is a place where in the evenings there are film screenings. Local people (residents) meet ther for social gatherings – on hot evenings, cold draft beer is an indispensable element, and as there are many supporters, queues naturally form.

The owner of the company noticed us on social media and immediately thought about using RevolMatic to speed up customer service and thus improve the quality of services provided – nobody likes to stand and wait in queues. The next, natural step was the idea to distribute the device in his country. And  in July this year in Zagreb, we officially signed a partnership with TRECA SRECA. We thank the owner of the company for the typical Croatian hospitality and nice company, and we wish  success in the distribution of RevolMatic!


Foaming system

RevolMatic – draft beer with the perfect foam

For a long time, it’s known that the famous Czech brewery Pilsner Urquell sets the standards for quality of the served beer, also at mass events. To meet the high expectations of this brewery and the possibility to distribution RevolMatic in the Czech Republic, we have equipped the latest version of the device with a foam sensor with the option of “foaming” the served beer. The system works automatically in the event of a lack or insufficient level of foam in the cup. This function is a response to the needs of companies for which the visual effect of the beer served is as important as the speed of pouring. The device has several levels of foam height – the beer tendency to foam decreases as its temperature decreases. The automatic pouring of beer with the “foaming” option has been appreciated and approved by the manufacturer Pilsner Urquell.


(R)evolution continues – autonomous beer draft points


Customers choose the quantity, pay, and pick up the beer – without being served by the stuff. Is it possible? Of course!

Automating serving cups, pouring beer and the use of contactless payment technology in RevolMatic devices translates into a reduction in the number of staff necessary to operate catering stands. Selling has never been so easy! The customer chooses the right amount of beers, then pays, and after accepting the payment, RevolMatic serves the order. Equipping RevolMatic with a contact-less payment system makes ordering, paying, and collecting beer hygienic and to a high degree minimizes the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.

May 2020

Strategic decisions – RevolMatic available in several EU countries

Continuous development in difficult times for the event industry

The past few months have been a time when our company, adapting to the restrictions, conducted many remote videoconferences. During them we presented our company and product to potential companies that were interested in being exclusive representative in their countries. When choosing a strategic partner, we followed several criteria to ensure that our clients were served at the highest level in terms of delivery, maintenance, and training.
After each company has been thoroughly verified, we proudly announce that we have exclusive representatives in England, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. 

We. Are. Present.

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